More Than Just a Dance Studio

A unique Colorado Springs dance academy for adults, teens, and kids of all levels.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and More

An Invaluable Gift


"Every day you give every kid, teen, adult who walks through your doors an invaluable gift. You give our community the gift of art, of creativity, and play."  Haley, adult student



"Jocelyn has such a great time in class and always looks forward to learning new things. She has made lots of friends and has such a great discipline at such a young age." Jennifer, mother

A Confidence Booster


"The best part is how supportive and encouraging all the teachers have been. It's been a real confidence booster. I have grown in ways I never expected." Larissa, adult student

New Student Intro Program Only $29.99

Experience the joy of dance. Schedule your intro program today.