Adult Classes


With classes for both beginner and experienced dancers, Adult students can get in shape and build confidence in a variety of dance styles.

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Fundamentals Ages 5 to 15

beginning dance classes for children and teens at springs dance

New students learn the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and jazz in fun, age-appropriate programs that focus on establishing a strong foundation.

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Youth Levels 2 to 5

ballet, tap, and jazz classes for intermediate and advanced youth dancers

From late beginner through intermediate and advanced levels, students develop technique and artistry as they progress with Springs Dance.

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Pre-Dance Ages 2 to 5

preschool dancers at springs dance

Helping preschoolers build a love for dance in a parent-assisted program that emphasizes learning classroom skills and having fun

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Aerial Silks

aerial silks classes for children and adults at springs dance

Springs Dance is proud to be home to Mountain Shadows Aerial Silks, a progressive program for adults, teens, and kids.

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More than just a dance studio, Springs Dance students build character and leadership skill alongside dance technique in a unique program

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Springs Dance Staff

Our experienced instructors are committed to helping students of all ages find success both in and out of the studio.  Our instructors are passionate about helping each student build the confidence that comes from a positive dance training experience.  See the complete staff listing here.

"The best part is how supportive and encouraging all the teachers have been. It’s really been a real confidence booster! I have grown in ways I never expected. It’s really helped me to come out of my shell! I love the staff: I’ve never met more encouraging people in my life. That has definitely kept me coming back.”  -Larissa Mulholland, adult student and mother of 3 students

Dance Fundamentals Ages 5 to 15

fundamentals students at the barre

Building a Strong Foundation

In the Springs Dance Fundamentals program, new dancers ages 6 to 15 learn the dance technique, terminology, and skills that provide a strong foundation for future learning.  Classes are a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz.  Click below to get started with a two-week trial that includes an intro lesson and free dance shoes!

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 Ballet is the foundation of dance training.  Students develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance by practicing ballet.  All dance styles will refer to ballet technique and terminology.  Fundamentals classes devote 50% of their instructional time to ballet training. 

Tap and Jazz

 The remaining class time is divided between tap and jazz dance.  In tap classes, students develop rhythm and precision as they learn to move their feet to the beat.  Jazz dance training helps students build expression and artistry in their movements.  

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Youth Dance Levels 2 to 5


Intermediate to Advanced Training

After mastering the fundamentals of dance, youth continue to develop their skills and have additional training opportunities as they progress through higher level classes.  New students with previous dance experience may also be accepted to more advanced level classes after being evaluated by an instructor.

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Youth accepted to a Level 2 or above program are also considered part of the Springs Dance leadership team, charged with supporting the positive, character-building community we've worked so hard to build at the studio. 

More About Leadership

Level 2

Level 2 students add additional skills and training to the foundation established in their fundamentals class.  Classes meet twice a week and are a combination of advanced beginner ballet, tap, and jazz.

Level 3

At the Level 3 or late beginner stage, students devote additional time to each style, having the opportunity to enroll in up to 4 different classes in a program devoted to training in ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary.  Students at this level also become eligible to audition for additional performance opportunities like the bi-annual Urban Nutcracker production.

Level 4 and 5

Intermediate and advanced dancers at levels 4 and 5 become more focused on their ballet training, still have the options to add additional tap, jazz, and contemporary classes and begin developing the strength for advanced technique in pre-pointe or pointe classes.  Level 4 and 5 dancers may also be invited to dance with the Springs Dance performance team and receive additional leadership experience by assisting with pre-dance or fundamentals classes.

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Pre Dance Ages 2 to 5

preschool dancer at Springs Dance

Nurturing a Love of Dance

 Pre-schoolers love dancing with Springs Dance!  Pre-Dance  classes combine ballet, tap, and jazz technique in fun, age-appropriate classes that introduce our youngest dancers to dance basics and let them express their natural love of movement. Click below to get started with a two-week trial of classes that includes FREE ballet slippers!

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Ages 2 and 3

 2 and 3 year old students dance in a once a week, parent-assisted class that uses props, games, and music to teach coordination, counting, dance and pre-acrobatic skills while focusing on important classroom behaviors like listening to the teacher, following directions, and taking turns! 

Ages 3 to 5

 When ready to take class independently, 3 to 5 year old dancers continue to practice their ballet, tap, and jazz basics and begin learning simple choreography as they prepare for their first performances with Springs Dance in the annual student recital. 

"...A Great Learning Environment."

 “My daughter really enjoys her ballet and tap/jazz class. She looks forward to seeing Miss Lynn and her friends every week. The class size is under 8 girls and it makes for a great learning environment.” ~Becky Winterhalter, mother

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