Aerial Silks

Get Strong. Do it Beautifully.

Aerial silks is a stunning "dance" where performers use suspended fabric to climb, twist, pose, and drop in an art form that builds incredible strength and coordination.  Springs Dance is pleased to be home to Mountain Shadows Aerial Silks, a progressive program for adults, teens, and kids.

Get started with an aerial silks intro class: a preview that gives new students the chance to get into the silks to learn simple poses, how to climb, and how we use the silks in conditioning exercises that build the strength and coordination needed for more advanced skills.  The cost for this one-hour class is $19.99.

Space in these popular classes is extremely limited and preregistration is required.  Reserve your space today by filling out the form below:

adult aerial silks group class

adult aerial silks group class

Aerial Silks Intro $19.99