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At Springs Dance we recognize that only a very small percentage of our students will grow to be professional dancers – but all of them will grow up to be people. We consider it part of our responsibility to help them become the most successful people possible. One of the most powerful aspects of dance training is its ability to help individuals learn important skills like focus, discipline, and respect in one of the most enjoyable ways possible.

The Leadership program is a course designed to train our most committed dancers in advanced technique and character development so that we are producing not only skilled artists, but also strong future leaders, instructors, and community members. The greatest gift we can give to the artistic community is a trained dancer who not only has strong physical skills, but can also confidently apply those skills in a spirit of compassion and intelligence with a commitment to community service.

New students are not immediately eligible to participate in the leadership program. Admission to the program is awarded to students who have demonstrated an aptitude for learning dance, consistent attendance, and attitude consistent with the goals of the program. The first few months of a new student’s fundamentals program training serves as an orientation and evaluation period for the student and instructors prior to applying for admission to the leadership program.

Eligibility Requirements

Fundamentals students and leveled dancers ages 5 and up are eligible and may apply for the leadership program after completing an orientation period of 4 to 12 weeks and receiving an instructor recommendation.

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