Fundamentals of Dance Program

New dancers ages 3* to 15 will begin in one of our Dance Fundamentals classes. Classes are divided by age group to allow instructors to provide age appropriate training and curriculum. Most fundamentals classes meet twice a week and will focus on the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz. Dance Fundamentals is a 12-month program designed to give new students a solid foundation and prepare them for advancement into leveled classes.


Ballet is a centuries old dance technique that is still regarded as the foundation to many other styles of dance. Ballet not only increases strength and flexibility, but also can help improve balance, coordination, and poise. Ballet is at the core of our dance program here at Springs Dance to help us build strong, confident dancers. While our younger students begin to learn basic movements in every program, more formal training does not begin until dancers are five years old or older.


Tap dance is a rhythmic style of dance that stems from Irish step dance and was popularized in the Jazz era. Tap dancers use special shoes with metal taps to create percussive sounds either a cappella or to add to the music. The toe tap is like a snare drum with it’s lighter, treble sound and the heel tap is like a bass drum with it’s deeper, bass sound. In class you will learn how to isolate these taps and build small muscle control in your feet, ankles and lower legs to make many different sounds and rhythms with and without musical accompaniment. Basic music theory, counting, and rhythms are an emphasis in this style.

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is a style that became popular in the 1950’s that fused African dance elements withe more formal theater dance and was created for trained dancers. Jazz is a fun, high energy style of dance using isolations, a lower center of gravity (plié), and stylized kicks, turns, and jumps that is set to music ranging between old Broadway favorites to current, popular music. It will call on your ballet training as well as introducing new steps, footwork, and stylization. Improvisation is also a skill you will learn as you begin to develop your own voice as a dancer.

*New students ages 3-4 must qualify to join the 3-4 year old dance fundamentals class. Previous dance experience is not required to qualify. At your introductory lesson the instructor will evaluate your child’s aptitude and current developmental readiness before recommending either pre-dance or dance fundamentals as the best program to help your dancer achieve success.

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