Current Class Descriptions

Dance Fundamentals - ages 3 to 15 yrs

Our Dance Fundamentals Program gives new students the opportunity to get a strong foundation in ballet, tap, and jazz that will help them advance in our core curriculum Level classes. A majority of the new students in this program will attend classes twice a week. Our studio offers a one-time semi-private introductory class that will teach new students what they need to know to transition smoothly into their group classes. These intro lessons happen at several times each week but they fill up fast. Make sure to call us as soon as possible to get yourself on the list before it's full. (719) 635-1004
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Levels 2 - 5

Once students have demonstrated mastery of skills in the Fundamentals Level they will have the opportunity to advance to higher level classes to include: ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, and pointe. Students are evaluated quarterly and must have teacher approval for these classes. Enrollment in the Leadership Program is also required to help promote the dedicated community of dancers we foster at this level of training. Click here to find out more about the Academy Leadership Program. (719) 635-1004
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Pre-Dance/Acrobatics - age 2 - 4

A fun-filled 45-minute class for 2-4 year old children emphasizing coordination, balance, rhythm, following directions and taking turns! The class combines basic dance movements with simple acrobatics and music to help very young children develop body awareness and confidence.
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Dance Classes for Adults

You'll find a great adult dance program at Springs Dance. Looking for a ballet class? How about a creative contemporary class? Maybe tap dance or jazz is more your style. Give us a call and we'll help you get started as soon as you're ready. Dance classes are a great way to make new friends and get in great shape while having a great time and developing new skills. See you on the floor!
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Aerial Silks

An amazing art-form and a fantastic workout. This program is a favorite for students of all ages here at Springs Dance. Come learn to perform amazing feats on the aerial silks. Intro classes are held every month for beginners, but make sure you get registered right away. The intros have limited space and fill quickly.
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Brazilian Capoeira - ages 4 to adult

A challenging, high-energy combination of martial arts, dance, acrobatics, and live music that builds strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Students not only learn capoeira's energetic movements, but also have a powerful cultural experience learning basic Portuguese, Brazilian history, and how to play the Afro-Brazilian instruments used to create capoeira music.
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